Highlights of the day.

Rainy Day

The mountains are gorgeous in the rain. Sitting outside and listening to the rain echo off the trees across the mountains is enchanting. Or ensorcelling.


I was worried last week, early in the week, that I would not be bringing enough podcasts with me on vacation. I’ve hit the end of my typical playlists (tech, economics) on regular weeks at home while working - so clearly a 10+ hour car trip and lots of time social-distancing in a cabin in the woods would drain my playlists immediately.

That did not happen.

I’ve now got a backlog. Oops.

Thank god for rainy days and Saturday’s. With podcasts.

A Cabin

It’s an amazing feeling to be up on a mountain-top, in a wood cabin, looking across the sky.

A wooden ceiling. Plain walls. Windows letting in as much natural light as they can muster.

Ready to Head Home

I do miss my cats. It will be nice to get back home and have Hamilton stepping on my eyes in the morning again. He probably misses that, too.