Protest And A Black-Owned Business

Chris Montana, distillery owner, and a black man from Minneapolis. His distillery was destroyed as a result of the protests that took hold of Minneapolis after Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd.

From The Indicator from Planet Money, this is Chris Montana talking:

You have to think about a world where you’re told at a young age “hey, by the way, because the color of your skin, that story of American greatness doesn’t actually reach all the way to you.”

If all we had to pay if – if all we had to do – was burn a few business…I mean, that’s absolutely worth it. That’s just stuff.

Transcribed by me.

Here’s the clip from the podcast.

I can’t imagine losing my home, or any place I invested a great amount of time and sweat and blood and tears into, to anything. Even these protests. But here’s a guy who lost his business and still thinks “it’s just stuff.”

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