Final Vacation Day

Highlights of the day. Rainy Day The mountains are gorgeous in the rain. Sitting outside and listening to the rain echo off the trees across the mountains is enchanting. Or ensorcelling. Podcasts I was worried last week, early in the week, that I would not be bringing enough podcasts with me on vacation. I’ve hit […]

John’s Mac Pro Woes

From ATP episode 393, this entire chapter is wonderfully entertaining. I love tech support stories, and the “process of elimination” we all follow when trying to figure out what is causing a ghost-in-the-machine type problem. Disconnect one thing Disconnect another … Disconnect everything and hope that solves it …Nuke and Pave John Siracusa has not […]

Neopets Organized Crime Ring

every few years i email neopets support asking if they can help me log into my childhood account and (unsurprisingly, tiny team, millions of old accounts) i’ve never heard back — everest (@everestpipkin) August 23, 2020

Quality Journalism and The App Store Cut

From 9To5Mac: A letter signed by a trade group that represents top newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Washington Post says that Apple’s rules prevent them from investing in quality journalism. Among other changes, the letter asks for Apple’s cut of in-app purchases to be reduced to 15%. Currently, Apple charges […]

The Case of the Top Secret iPod

From Tidbits: It was a gray day in late 2005. I was sitting at my desk, writing code for the next year’s iPod. Without knocking, the director of iPod Software—my boss’s boss—abruptly entered and closed the door behind him. He cut to the chase. “I have a special assignment for you. Your boss doesn’t know […]