Saturday Recovery Ride ⛅

This ride puts me across the 2,000 mile mark for 2020. I’ll have to celebrate once I hit mile 2020. Some fast facts compared to last year:

  • By this time last year I had done about 1,600 miles.
  • It took me until August 11th, 2019 to break the 2,000 mile mark.
  • I have 690 miles on the indoor trainer in 2020, which means I’ve done less outdoor riding in 2020 comparatively (hmm, I wonder why?)

On the saddle testing front, the Selle SMP Drakon is…ok, not great. The split design cuts into my legs in a weird way. I was fine with it for the first 20-30 miles, but towards the end I could definitely feel some pain and soreness.

Update 2020-07-12: Yeah, was definitely sore in the behind the next day. The old Fizik saddle was not this much of an issue.

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