Saddle Test #3 ☀️

Third time is closer to a charm.

Still some annoying spots, but getting better. I have:

  • Reduced the saddle max width down to 140-145 mm. My original saddle was ~140 and it seems like this is my sweet spot to avoid pain points on the inside-rear of my thigh.
  • Reduced the front width down a bit. I think I went from ~70 mm down to ~60.

This being a longer ride, things started to click a bit more towards the end. Or perhaps I was simply getting numb to it?

Next steps will be to reduce the rear width to ~140 mm, possibly a tiny bit more width reduction up front, too. I’ll still have a small gap in the center for pressure relief of the perineum – and testing if that’s working out will require another all-out 2 hour ride some night. Not tonight.

I also want to try a short ride on the old saddle to see if I can find what I really liked about it. Now that I’ve put in 15-ish miles on the new one, I think going back to the old one will be enlightening.

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