Saddle Testing

Trying out the BiSaddle. Seeing if it can help with some numbness.

Test #1

Nope, nope, nope. Too far forward, too wide, owwww the inside of my thighs. Set a PR, though! Sadly I forgot my HR strap on this ride.

Test #2

A little better. I changed:

  • Moved the saddle backwards ~0.25 inches
  • Added another negative degree of tilt (so the saddle nose tilts towards the frame)
  • Reduced the saddle width from 155 down to 145-150
  • Remove the “rounding” wedges I slapped on initially, thinking they would help.

Still not great. Better. But after a few miles definitely started to feel it.

And then work happened and things blew up and there goes my night. Drinking a beer now in preparation for perhaps the longest day of my life tomorrow.

Next steps on fitting this saddle should be:

  • Less wide in front / between my thighs. The goal of using this saddle was to reduce pressure on the perineum, so moving the front of the saddle bits closer together might defeat that. Hmm.
  • Possibly moving it forward a tiny bit more, now that I’ve added some negative tilt. Might solve the inner thigh pain problem without making me feel like I’m falling off the front of it so much.
  • Ride my old saddle to see what I like about it. I liked it a lot, I think, except for the excess pressure on hard, long rides. So perhaps I just need a Fizik saddle which is the same shape and size, but with a center cut-out.

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