Your Immediate Resort to Violence

From @Dark_Tesla:

“Wow. Cops killed a black man. Look at this video, he was begging for his life and they were laughing.”

“That’s terrible. But fortunately, they can be prosecuted for murder.”

“Oh, my. You’re new to America, aren’t you? The prosecutor will decline to indict.”

“What? Why?”

“Prosecutorial discretion.”

“Uh…ok, that’s…not great. They can be fired, at least.”

“The police union will fight for their right to stay on the job; 50-50 they get reinstated with back pay.”

“That’s messed up. Still, that’s the union’s job. Uh, can they be sued?”

“Of course.”

“Great, let’s do that.”

“The courts will determine that because there was no clearly established constitutional right to not be strangled to death by a knee in Minneapolis in late May, the cops get qualified immunity and your case is thrown out.”

“You’re just making this up.”

“Google ‘qualified immunity’.”

“What the fuck? I’m going to protest.”

“Will you do it properly?”

“Ugh, ‘properly’. Yes. Me and my friends will organize regular peaceful protests in multiple cities.”

“Nobody will care, it won’t make the news.”

“We’ll get athletes to join in; they’re visible.”

“You will offend people’s divine right to watch sports without thinking about uncomfortable issues like people getting murdered.”

“That sounds like something I don’t care about.”

“That’s the spirit. Of course, your poster-child athlete will be blackballed from the sport and the others won’t dare continue.”


“Another man just got killed by cops. No arrests, no firings.”

“I’m going to vote every clown that enables this out.”

“By an incredibly unfortunate coincidence, every voter registration center in your vicinity is permanently closed. The closest one is an hour drive away.”

“I can’t really afford to take time off work, but this is life and death. I’ll go”

“I hope you can afford the fee.”

“Now I *know* that’s illegal! It’s a poll tax!”

“You should try suing.”

“I’m about to break some things!”

“This immediate resort to violence is proof that you are not really dedicated to resolving the issue, but instead are simply using it as an excuse to indulge in your criminal instincts. Fortunately, we have cops to handle that sort of behavior.”

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