Anecdotal Evidence

People will be like “i dont know a single person IRL who has had covid” and believe its not possible to get. Meanwhile, they dont know a single billionaire IRL and believe thats totally achievable — Flick (@Frediculous) June 26, 2020

The HEY Stack

Interesting look into modern software development. The HEY stack:– Vanilla Ruby on Rails on the backend, running on edge– Stimulus, Turbolinks, Trix + NEW MAGIC on the front end– MySQL for DB (Vitess for sharding)– Redis for short-lived data + caching– ElasticSearch for indexing– AWS/K8S — DHH (@dhh) June 24, 2020

Hand Motions

In response to Apple announcing in the WWDC keynote that hand-washing could now be tracked via the Apple Watch in iOS 14, this was the funniest comment of all WWDC: WHAT OTHER HAND MOTIONS ARE THEY TRACKING — Craig Hockenberry (@chockenberry) June 22, 2020