From AnilDash:

The flagship mobile apps from Google, Spotify, Apple, NYT, Venmo, Walmart and many other huge companies all broke for about 30 minutes. A simple explanation of the cause is pretty brief: they all use code from Facebook, so when that broke, they all started crashing.

Issues #1373 and #1374 on GitHub have a combined 226 comments since last night. Amazing the level of confusion in some of them.


Are we ready to ask the real questions here?Why the heck does Facebook do unwanted requests during my apps startup? What kind of info are they sending back to their servers?

Or the most real question of all - why include code in your app that you don’t understand and potentially spies on your users?


@tianqibt “a few minutes” isn’t really an acceptable response for a crash that’s taken down our entire userbase. Still crashing for me. What steps in the future will be taken to prevent this?

You’re using something you got for free and demanding top notch service and an explanation? 😂

All code is terrible code. It’s like looking behind the scenes at how sausage is made.

h/t to Gui Rambo for finding this.