America, Land of the Free

From Motherboard: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is flying a Predator drone, military technology used for surveilling and killing terrorists abroad, over Minneapolis as protesters continue to demonstrate against police brutality, according to publicly available flight data. The drone flown over Minneapolis is an unarmed version of the aircraft.

Programmatic Solutions to Miracle Sudoku

This blog from is really interesting. It demonstrates how to build a Miracle Sudoku solver using Prolog, which is a logic programming language written in a declarative syntax. It’s incredible how concisely a solver for Sudoku puzzles can be written in that language! What’s remarkable about these solvers is how they can tell you …

Facebook’s Nicotine

From DaringFireball: Polarizing divisive content is to Facebook as nicotine is to cigarette makers: a component of their product which their own internal research shows is harmful, but which they choose to increase, rather than decrease, because its addictiveness is so profitable. Accurate comparison.