What Would we do Without the Internet?

Joshua Topolsky writing at Input:

On a recent Tuesday, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, I watched my six-year-old daughter Zelda tune into a live webcast to learn how to draw an elephant with about 200,000 other kids around the world. She was rapt. And her elephants are getting quite good.

What would we do without the Internet? Damn good question. Especially now, during the dullest moments I’ve ever experienced in life under quarantine. I’ll take the dull, though! As I expect the exciting parts of the pandemic are the least fun bits.

All of the good you can find in the world – on Twitter, in someone’s news feed, following your favorite blogs via RSS – all of that good would have been hidden without the free flow of information, or the “digital town square” that is the Internet.

Let’s just hope the power stays on.

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