Alpe de Zwift

Coming off the start of the week with the Tour of Watopia, decided to try some intense climbing tonight. I had found the Ice & Fire route in Zwift during a warm-up for one of my Tour rides earlier this week. It looked…fun. So when I started flipping through possible routes for tonight’s ride (a so-called recovery ride in my head) I came across Alpe de Zwift and though “what the hell”.

When I started out, I said mentally – it’s only ten miles. That’s not terrible. Three miles in I thought – well, I can always call it quits at the hour mark. By the time I was only ten checkpoints from the top, I decided – what the hell, let’s do this whole thing.

I felt great the whole way up, too. Did a good job at pacing myself effort-wise. Looks like ~2.5 W/kg the whole way up. Compared with the 2.9 W/kg efforts I’d been putting out over ~20-40 minute races in the Tour, I’ll take it!

Now off to go suck down a carton of ice cream and some Chinese food.

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