Wacom Drawing Tablet Tracks Which Applications You Open

From Robert Eaton:

When I restarted the Wacom driver, rather than lose all the data it had accumulated, the driver fired off everything it had collected to Google Analytics. This data materialized in my Burp Suite. I took a look. My heart experienced the same half-down-half-up schism as it had half an hour ago.

Some of the events that Wacom were recording were arguably within their purview, such as “driver started” and “driver shutdown”. I still don’t want them to take this information because there’s nothing in it for me, but their attempt to do so feels broadly justifiable. What requires more explanation is why Wacom think it’s acceptable to record every time I open a new application, including the time, a string that presumably uniquely identifies me, and the application’s name.

Great story and great investigative work. None of the technology devices we “own” seem to be acting 100% in our best interests.

The most amazing part of this story is at the end, though:

I would write that XML payload.