Software Engineering

software engineering is an endless process of asking is this code fucking stupid or am i fucking stupid and the answer is usually both — stephanie (@isosteph) February 18, 2020

Reinventing Vaccines

Did you know that if you go anti-vax hard enough, sometimes you circle all the way back to inventing vaccines? — Rich Davis, PhD, D(ABMM), MLS 🦠🔬🧫 (@richdavisphd) January 15, 2020

Would you like to buy another house?

I will never understand how online advertising manages to make frighteningly invasive inferences about our most intimate needs and desires and yet still reaches conclusions of the form “You just bought a house. You must be in the market for another house.” — matt blaze (@mattblaze) February 8, 2020

Origin of Seinfeld Theme

🤯 The origin/making of the Seinfeld theme. So much to unpack here… First: This dude. Second: He re-recorded it for every single episode Third: the bpm set to Jerry’s timing? Fourth: it wasn’t a real bass?! source: — Ian Chan (@chanian) February 15, 2020

In Summation

in summation— Trump is a genius but you can’t see his grades Trump is healthy but you can’t see his medical reports Trump is rich but you can’t see his tax returns Trump is honest but you can’t see the documents Trump is innocent but you can’t subpoena the witnesses — Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) January …