The Aeronauts

Watched it last night. Not bad, a tad boring, but for a movie focused on a balloon going up then coming down it’s difficult to expect too much. IMDB link.

I also enjoyed this article as a follow up, particularly:

For the actual September 5, 1862 flight, things weren’t as alarming. The landing was a little rough but still okay. As stated by the BBC, they landed in a field at a place called Cold Weston. Glaisher and Coxwell walked to the train station, but there were no trains. So they went for dinner, only to be disappointed by the food. Glaisher then telegraphed their location and the news of the men’s success came out on September 11, 1862, in The Times. So the adventure was all there, but there was none of that romance. But yes, even for Glaisher and Coxwell, the skies did lie open.

Emphasis mine.

After attempting and succeeding at such a feat, I, too, would land in the middle of nowhere and go off to find dinner. I’m fairly certain the food in the middle of nowhere would also be middling and mediocre.

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