Wirecutter Pulls Ring Doorbell Recommendation

As of December 19th, 2019 on Wirecutter:

In light of recent reports of Ring device login credentials being compromised, we’re suspending our recommendation of all Ring products. Ring owners should update their passwords with a new, previously unused one.

About damn time. It’s not like these issues with Ring are new news, either.

Don’t buy a Ring camera. Don’t use a Ring camera.

The highlights of that company’s transgressions:

  • Exposing user home WiFi password
  • Secret partnerships with local police departments to shill for Ring
  • Giving those same local police forces access to your videos on demand, without your consent.

For a quick rundown on what Ring is, what the Neighbors app is, and all the other “bad” coming from that direction, check out this piece on Vice.com.

If there’s one law I hope to see passed in the next decade, it’s one that simply says: “your data cannot be shared by any company without your express permission and informed consent.” Throw in a line about making it illegal to request perpetual consent via a EULA, too.

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