Raccoons in Canada

Funniest video I’ve seen in a long time. Ten raccoons managed to get stuck inside a Toronto porch – 📹 Gates Wildlife Control https://t.co/Or3IcFDnu3 #Toronto #Raccoon #Raccoons pic.twitter.com/72hgzktCer — blogTO (@blogTO) December 20, 2019

Unplug the Internet Modem

“Good morning, all. I have started a petition to have the United States government unplug the modem to the internet for a few hours on Saturdays.” pic.twitter.com/KygbSK7FDi — Best of Nextdoor (@bestofnextdoor) December 28, 2019

Wikipedia Has Cancer

Well, this makes me sad. 2019 was one of the years I decided to donate, since I get a huge amount of value from Wikipedia. Two broad takeaways from this are Wikipedia / Wikimedia foundation is one of the healthiest (financially speaking) non-profits out there For an online encyclopedia edited by volunteers, they spend way […]

Santa is a Muslim

many people are mad at me for observing that because he works Christmas and all of his movements are tracked by the US government, Santa is Muslim — yennefer of vengabus (@AliceAvizandum) December 25, 2019