Twitter Political Ad Ban

From The Verge:

The first major test case for the new system came with Seattle’s city council elections, which will be wrapping in November. Marijuana entrepreneur Logan Bowers ran for city council on an urbanist platform, but he ended up fighting an uphill battle on platforms. He says confusion around the ban “created an unfair and an unlevel playing field and in many ways it made the situation worse.” High-profile ads were ultimately removed by Facebook, usually after they were reported in the media — but plenty of others skated through.

Emphasis my own.

I would happily pay a $1/month fee to Twitter in order to have a political ad-free experience. Heck, $1/month would probably be enough to get me an entirely ad-free experience there. What’s my data worth per year to them?

This follows my line of thinking around all citizens of this country paying a tax to support politics in some way. A small national tax which funds political campaigns so that our country could ban outside money – with an exception perhaps for individual donors and the current FEC limits.

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