Per Reddit: Seagulls are sensitive to human gaze and change behaviour when being watched, suggesting that they have theory of mind, the capacity to infer the mental states of others, or associate being watched with being chased away. Truly difficult to find the right words here. I remember a seagull stole food from me when […]

The Truth About Cupcakes

Just told my colleagues that mini cupcakes offend me because cupcakes themselves are already a miniaturized version of cakes, and everyone knows that you shouldn’t miniaturize a miniature, and the room suddenly fell silent, until someone told me to tweet it; so here we are — Max Abelson (@maxabelson) August 9, 2019

This Guy Gets It

Nobody has more power to influence the tone of public discourse than the president. Instead of blaming everyone and everything else for inciting resentment and hate, President Trump should check his own words and actions. We all must do better, especially the official at the top. — Justin Amash (@justinamash) August 5, 2019