Credit Karma’s “Glitch”

Privacy legislation has to be something addressed in the next 10 years. The EU did GDPR and, aside from problems this country could learn from, that seems a good a blueprint as any. New: Credit Karma says a “glitch” allowed users to see other people’s full credit reports and user profiles. — Zack Whittaker (@zackwhittaker) […]

They’re Not Patriots

Republicans who support Trump know he is degrading office of presidency & harming America’s security. But they are willing to go along with hurting their country because they think it keeps them in power. Which is pretty much the definition of what it means not to be a patriot. — stuart stevens (@stuartpstevens) August 11, […]

Lone Wolves

Per FiveThirtyEight: But the analysis also showed that these same people were often involved in ideological communities — communities built online and offline, where future terrorists sought (and often found) support and validation for their ideas. Thirty-four percent had recently joined a movement or organization centered around their extremist ideologies. Forty-eight percent were interacting in-person […]

UBI and Not Working

It’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, but this is probably the future (unless climate change puts us in some horrid, dystopian state). Good thread. When discussing Universal Basic Income, inevitably the retort comes: “So you just want people to not have to work, is that it?” Accompanied by a smug smirk, expecting me to backpedal […]

2000 Miles in 2019

2,000 miles down this year. Not too bad! That mileage is on my body, not on the new Canyon bike, though, which is sitting as 1,907 miles as of this morning. Another 100 miles on that thing and I can celebrate again. Starting the year I had figured 2,000 would be an achievable goal, although […]