Adobe’s Vampire Spirit

Per Apple Insider:

Users of older versions of Adobe Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop have been told to stop using them or face potential “infringement claims” from third-party companies who are unnamed but suspected to be Dolby. Adobe cites only “ongoing litigation” as the reason for the abrupt announcement.

Amazing how this problem with a subscription model continues to recur. Initially, we were renting digital media like books, movies, and music. One service shuts down, you lose access to your library; no portability. Software is beginning to suffer the same fate: when the licensing of the thing/version ends, so does your ability to make use of what you’ve paid for.

Have you paid less (per month) than an initial upfront purchase? Sure. Questionable ownership is a serious concern, though. You could buy software one time and use it indefinitely, but replace the one time purchase with a subscription model and you may not be given the right to subscribe indefinitely.

A great rundown of the fallout from this by from Michael Tsai.

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