An Uber Ban

Per CNET, Uber will start bringing the ban-hammer down on riders: Uber announced Wednesday that those passengers who receive bad marks from drivers will be booted from the platform. But, Uber said, they’ll have to “develop a significantly below average rating.” I look forward to the inevitable outcry from Republicans and Conservatives when this becomes […]

Higher Standards

17.And beyond that,there is the problem that even if you can’t indict a President, who wants to have a guy in the job who is only avoiding jail by dint of his Govt title? Don’t we have a higher standard for highest office in the land than “not criminal by reason of technicality”? — Neal […]

Game of Thrones Finale

I enjoyed this take: 1/ The big failure in #GoT finale was yada yada-ing of post-war power/statehood/allegiance. These notions underpinned the entire show/books, GRRM’s very interest in writing epics. To point, his core criticism of LOTR was Tolkien’s conflation of a “just king” w/ a “good king” — Matthew Ball (@ballmatthew) May 20, 2019

Principal Conclusions

Here are my principal conclusions: 1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report. 2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct. 3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances. 4. Few members of Congress have read the report. — Justin Amash (@justinamash) May 18, 2019