Progressive Wing Defeat

Per FiveThirtyEight:

Here’s a short list of the progressive wing’s defeats since Democrats took control of the House in January:

• The Green New Deal
• “Medicare for all”
• Primary challenges
• A resolution condemning Ilhan Omar

While all of these are pretty “pie-in-the-sky” types of ideas, it’s kinda sad when you compare it against this:

But so far, the party’s “Super Progressive” wing, as I think of it, has had substantially less influence on the congressional agenda than the House Freedom Caucus had in 2017 and 2018, when Republicans controlled the chamber.

Brutal. Two rather shallow explanations could be that (1) Republicans are much more disposed to being controlled by the radical wings of their party, as they see their base reflected there, while Democrats imagine themselves as the adults in the room who cannot fall for such emotional provocation; or (2) younger, more radical Democrats cannot as easily manipulate the older, steadier hands of their party’s leadership, whereas radical Republicans were able to effectively “overthrow” their leadership’s ability to lead.

Neither idea sounds phenomenal, and I’m sure there are 100’s of undercurrents in this conversation that I’m not going to have the nuance to touch on. But still.

I enjoyed this bit, too:

This is a hard issue for Democrats because it pits electoral considerations (impeachment is not particularly popular right now) against values-based ones (some Democrats argue that Trump’s conduct as described in Mueller’s report requires at least the consideration of impeachment).

In my personal estimation, Democrats are the party of “adults” while Republicans are the part of “reactionaries” – children, or no.

It makes you wonder if the country is composed of a sensible middle, why Democrats did not win the last election – was Trump a sensible choice? Or did the sensible voter choose a Republican, any Republican, for fear that the liberal wing of the Democratic Party would pass legislation for a Green New Deal and Medicare for All and free college and whatever else, only if they had both a president and Congressional majority?

Because right now, it seems like the Democrats much prefer to talk about radical ideas rather than put any effort into actually implementing them.

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