Samsung Fold

From The Verge:

Phones are funny things. They fit into our in-between times when you’re waiting in line or you have a minute to glance at something. But then they fill up all of those moments — and much more. The Galaxy Fold is just too big to fit in those in-between times. It is less useful than a phone when you’re walking, and it’s way more useful when you’re sitting down. I ended up feeling better about how I was using this than I usually do with a regular phone.

I do enjoy the philosophical waxing during phone reviews. Someday, maybe ten years from now and maybe fifty years from now, a study will prove out how dangerous and addictive our phones were, and how they destroyed our health and led to some as-yet-unknown medical malady. But for now, the best we get is some cautious thinking within a device review.

I’ll take it.

I won’t take a Galaxy Fold, though.

I just wish it wasn’t also something really broken.

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