Amanda Gorman reads inauguration poem ‘The Hill We Climb’

From PBS:

Great poem, wonderful reading.

Brings me back to something in the vein of Steve Coleman’s ‘I Wanna Hear a Poem’ slam poetry. First heard this back in sophomore year of high school; haven’t forgotten it since.

My favorite stanza:

I wanna hear a poem where ideas kiss similes so deeply that metaphors get jealous

Where the subject matters so much that adjectives start holding pro-noun rallies at city hall

If We Raise the Minimum Wage, What Will Happen to My Gruel Business?

From McSweeney’s:

Democrats’ proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour will be an absolute disaster for small businesses like my own, Gruel & Unusual Foods, Inc., which relies on an impoverished underclass to consume my bland and tasteless sludge because they have literally no other options.


This country used to care about entrepreneurs. I built my business with nothing but the clothes on my back, hard work, and a slightly smaller gruel business I inherited from my father.


Maybe the minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation. But the solution is not to crush my very specific gruel business by lifting millions of people out of poverty. The solution is something else that doesn’t affect me personally. I’m sure somebody will have an idea any day now.

The Minimum Wage

A line cook making $15/hr would double the cost of a meal at McDonald’s, but somehow their CEO making $18 million plus has no impact?

Whatever happens, we need a rationale debate on this. Enough noise from the red-necks and social-justice warriors in the cheap seats.

Man & dog’s best friend: Goose becomes family pet after being saved

From Fox19:

Last spring, a Cincinnati man was driving in Mason when he saw a family of geese crossing the road. Unfortunately, only one of the geese made it across the road safely.

Now, Lil’ Bob not only has a new home, but also a new family.

“We were sitting there for less than 30 seconds,” recalls Joe Songer, “And a guy decides behind us that he’s not gonna wait. He went around us, and he killed his mother, father, and three siblings and Bob was the only survivor.”

Songer brought Bob back home with him where his dog, Hant, immediately started caring for the goose.

The video from the article is great.