Election Delays

From The New York Times:

Facing disastrous economic news and rising coronavirus deaths, President Trump on Thursday floated delaying the Nov. 3 election, a suggestion that lacks legal authority and could undermine confidence in an election that polls show him on course to lose.

Republican leaders in Congress, who often claim not to have seen Mr. Trump’s outlandish statements and tweets and who infrequently challenge him in public, promptly and vocally condemned any notion that the election would be moved.

All together now: LAW AND ORDER. 😉

It’s Not The Hip

Groin strain. Uh oh. Not a problem with the hip or joint. Time to break out some compression shorts, heat packs, and gentle stretches.

Not sure when I’ll be biking or hiking again, as repeated strains can lead to worse damage. 😭

“Stacking” The Senate

On the topic of if the District of Columbia should qualify as the 51st US State.

From FiveThirtyEight:

And in the second half of the 19th century, Republicans attempted to “stack” the Senate by admitting a large number of Republican states into the union, starting with Nevada in 1864 (population of just 6,857(!) in the 1860 census), Nebraska (1867), Colorado (1876), Montana, Washington, and North and South Dakota as separate states in an 1889 omnibus, and Idaho and Wyoming in 1890.

DC’s current population? ~705,000 people. Slightly more than 6,857.

The Government has No Business…