A Deft Stroke

These guys at The Lincoln Project know exactly how to twist the knife. Already been sent a letter from a law firm representing Trump and Kushner saying it should be taken down.

Unfortunately, Americans have the right to criticize their public officials, which includes using accurate quotes and photoshopping cans of Goya beans out of their hands.

Wendell Potter on Why America’s Healthcare System Is to Blame for Our Poor Coronavirus Response

From Philly Magazine:

Wendell Potter used to lie for a living. He admits this fact readily: Twenty years as an insurance executive at Cigna, during which time his job was to peddle misinformation defending the American healthcare system.

Guy quit his job lying to become a truth teller. The guy who created the false narrative about Canada having terrible healthcare. He’s probably making a good bit of money in the process (writing books, speaking, etc), but there’s certainly less of a motivation to shill for a government funded system.

Also on the latest episode of Planet Money.

To the Enemies Surrounding Our Castle, Please Understand That I Often Privately Disagreed With Macbeth’s Policies

From McSweeney’s:

I am Second Murderer. I lied for Macbeth. I killed for Macbeth. And now that Malcolm’s and Macduff’s armies are closing in to take this castle, I want everyone to know that I often privately disagreed with the bloody tyrant. I know, I know — I assassinated innocents to entrench Macbeth’s power, and I trumpeted my role in plunging the country into a violent crisis — but balanced against that, there were many times when I quietly confided to my fellow killers a secret disapproval of Macbeth’s approach to governance.

They’re really on a roll with these posts as of late.

Relevant: Cornyn says when he disagrees with Trump, he does so “privately”

Why Didn’t Sauron Condemn the Orc Hordes?

From McSweeney’s:

Why didn’t Sauron condemn the orc hordes?

I’m totally puzzled, you guys. After being asked to comment on the orc hordes maiming and eradicating whole villages, Sauron kind of sidestepped the question and started talking about how orcs actually have great table manners? What does this mean?

And then, when later asked to clearly condemn the orcs and their violent extremism, Sauron went quiet and then blinked a bit before giving a weird coded message that only orcs can understand. Then all the orcs cheered and started repeating it? Anyone have a beat on this?

It’s strange, to say the least. On the one hand, it seems clear in multiple ways that Sauron is benefitting from their bloodlust, but on the other hand, he didn’t blatantly say, “I love orcs and fully support their massacres,” so I’m not sure what to make of it.

Quarantine Is a Wonderful Opportunity to Grow as a Person and Regress as a Person

From McSweeney’s:

Our social lives may be diminished, but that’s just a chance to reconnect with loved ones until the novelty wears off and you go back to spending evenings drinking White Claws and talking to your pets. It’s never been easier to set up a standard weekly hangout on the calendar. And it’s even easier to have a monthly hangout. Eventually, you and your loved ones will wonder how you ever lived without half-heartedly suggesting and blowing off zoom hangs every 6-8 weeks. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say these strange times really make you realize how much you took people for granted before you go back to taking them for granted.

FourSquare launches Marsbot for AirPods, an audio guide app for interesting places

From 9To5Mac:

Foursquare, the company behind the popular Swarm app, has developed a new app called “Marsbot” that brings a new experience to their walks through the city. With Marsbot, you can put your AirPods or any other earphones on and then listen to comments and suggestions about the place you’re walking by.


Once you open the app and put on your earphones, Marsbot will play comments with interesting details about places, objects, and more around you. This way, you can better enjoy your walks, especially if you’re visiting a place for the first time.

This feels like the future.