This Sign

It’s not nice to call people stupid, so I’m really hoping that one of the thousand monkeys they have typing on keyboards in the Republican caucus managed to mash out this sign and a gust of wind from a smart-outlet controller fan blew it up onto this stand.


The sign means Schiff is following the rules!

100 Activities on Strava

OK, it’s not 100 outdoor bike rides – but I’ve only got the one Zwift virtual ride on there so I’m going to count it. One hundred activities. One hundred days being active, doing stuff, out of 365 days in the year. A hair over 27% of the time. Actually, looking at the percentage, and it feels somewhat low!

I think I’ve got two or three 2018 rides on there, plus a hike or two, so I’ll have to celebrate again when I hit 100 Strava outdoor bike rides.

Zelda-style Taxes

Did I ever think I would find the cross-section of Zelda (the video game / culture) and the US Tax Code? No, I did not.

Offered here: