Won’t Somebody Think of the Pigs

The bizarre parade continues as the quarantine endures:

A Las Vegas farm relied on strip casinos as its main food source for 4,000 pigs. Now it’s getting creative to keep them full.

“Pigs are a lot like us so they love sweets, candies, ice cream,” Las Vegas Livestock co-owner Hank Combs said. “They like meat and potatoes. They’re not a big fan of salads and produce, but they will eat it.

On a normal day, the farm would get 20 tons of food from casinos and restaurants across the valley. Once the strip shut down and casinos closed, their food source was cut off.

Hat tip to Daring Fireball for this interesting story.

The First One is a Winner

And the first link I clicked was a winner:

White supremacist extremists are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to advocate for the theory of accelerationism. The theory states that participating in mass attacks or creating other forms of chaos will accelerate the imminent and necessary collapse of society in order to build a racially pure nation.

Look, if you believe in any of this white supremacist nonsense you’re clearly more at risk to believe this pandemic is “a sign” telling you to start a race war and cleanse the Earth. Got that part.

Starting a cleansing is also “a sign” that you’re certainly not well, and perhaps we could cleanse you and your friends into a nice prison cell for a bit. Self-quarantine you and your nutball ideas.

Previously: COVID-19 Disinformation Campaigns

COVID-19 Disinformation Campaigns

This website will be a good source of amusement.

There is an entire section titled “DISINFORMATION/COVID-19 INTELLIGENCE”, which I am sure will be filled with entertaining and curious stories of ways in which folks are tricked, duped, or harmed because of nonsense information floating around about this pandemic. For example, the couple who decided fish-tank cleaning supplies were a good way to fight off the virus.

I’ve seen (definitely incorrect) posts on Facebook about the best way to kill the virus is to gargle with bleach. That might be true! Gargling with bleach is also a wonderfully effective way to kill yourself, which I suppose solves the virus problem for you all-together.

Crazy times.